Karl's Museum 2001
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Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com


Close ups of points from November 2001 trip.


110101: November dive trip, water was ice cold- well 63 deg. ...went back to honey hole and.........
Found some real nice stuff. Suwannee's, Bolens, Hernando's, Greenbriers and a few West oaks too.


Parking lot base  -  White Coral    -    grove points  and Underhill  Grove points.

052101: Below is a recent trip to the river, this is not a normal amount of finds.....don't try this on your own, you will just be disappointed!
Cases of points from last trip....126 points in all. 

Each days points of 7 day dive trip, Tuesday and Wednesday were sweet days.

Gorget, broken in two parts, break was from time of use by early man.
Gorget was repaired by drilling 4 extra holes and lashed back together.
And lying together on bottom of river all these thousands of years later.


052101: Dive trip to N FL, 7 days diving......Found the spot of a lifetime, totally virgin bottom, no one ever hunted this place, found bags and bags of fossils, teeth, points, tools, bone pins, a dagger, bottles, more points, adzes and axes- got tired of going back and forth to the boat all day.
I was running the rocky bank up and down the river doing a recon, was going back to a log to recheck it after going downstream for a bit, then out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a gravel patch out in the deep part of river, stopped and stretched over to it and sure enough there was gravel out there- moved ahead a little and immediately found a 8 inch knife and a 7 inch Hamilton laying side by side, moved a little more in to it, found and axe, jumped ahead and found more points just laying all about, mammoth teeth, mastadon teeth, a killer 1860s civil war bottle, other medicine bottles, a pipe that says "original" on it, a 15 inch bone dagger, and best of all, found a broken Gorget on first day, then the other half on second day. by far the best location I have ever found or hunted. 126 points, 30 plus adzes and axes, 30 plus bone pins, 50 lbs of fossils, and, and, and.................

050701: Surface finds in Florida, went to George's to hunt. 

The beautiful Santa Fe river

We went for an afternoon walk, found 11 points.....Thanks Mr. Mixon

2001 March:  Trip to the Santa Fe river, which was all flooded, but we found a few(16)....and a killer Ichetucknee

Santa Fe river on a foggy morning.

 3 Case's of points, all from two trips.
2001 February: Went to the Suwannee river again, found more points than ever. Mammoth Teeth, Old Bottles, lots of Fossils.
And look at those killer Bolens- all in one shoaled area.......nice!
One of those once in a lifetime trips.

Took George B. to Horse Creek, found a sweet Newnan......and lots of Megs.

Found 5 points in a new field under construction......Thank you Mr. Mixon

A friends grandfather found these points way back.

Spring trip to Peace rivers, Gardner area. some petrified wood and other fossils.

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