Karl's Museum 2003
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Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com

120403: Kim just a pull'n, and pull'n, and pull'n

120403: Finally got to go diving, water was a bit dark but Ok to go with a MegLite.

091103: Not much diving or walking this year, building a new house to put all the Fossils and Artifacts in.

062903: Nice small Point was washed up after a monsoon.
How many times have you been able to take a picture before you pick up the point?

Some close ups of the goods from last 2 months.

060103: Friend George B. on trip with us......reconning

060103: Nice trip to the Santa Fe river, found a few in unusual places......
The locals must have seen us in the HH 2 years before because they hammered the whole section of the river, nothing left.

051603-May! it took to May to get to go diving in the PR, and only for one week, the water was good for a few days, and started raining again.
At least I found two points and some teeth & Kim found a awesome Paleo drill.......niiice.

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