Karl's Museum 2002
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Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com

111702: Found this one after a El Nino cold front dumped 5 1/2 inches of rain

Only got three pictures from the new digital UW camera- batteries were dead
092102: Suwannee River, Found a nice Hernando on last dive trip, river full of algae- hard to hunt.

071802: Walked a field after all the rain & found three broken points & pottery.

Nothing gets in our way......

Peace River cleanup trip- Wow, while looking for trash, look what was on the bottom as the canoes were getting ready,
I bent over and looked at the bottom and a point was laying right there, then at lunch I walked out and in 10 seconds found
The nicest Citrus I have ever found 3 3/4 inches and perfect.....just laying there, all green from algae.

2002 May: Trip to river, water was great- warm and clear.

Rain, lightning and one last Mega Fauna ended a good dive in river.
Lots of fossils and a portion of a pottery bowl.

March, 2002 - The river on a slow Wednesday, water is high and very, very dark.

Only two days diving, river not ready, way to dark. Could only see a foot with a flash light, very creepy- especially when the light fails. Every leaf that floats by startles you. Can I go back to the boat now?

032202: went back to HH on Suwannee river, water was high, and dark.
Group photo of finds, a perfect Bone pin, a Tapir jaw, some nice points and a bottle.
Dive trip cut short by two days when a 4 foot alligator snapping turtle decided I was either food or something and had a hold of my legs- Kicked him twice and I shot straight to the surface(30 feet) and flew to the boat, got in and left. won't return till the water is clear - period!

2002 February: Recon of Peace river, N section. A few broken teeth, one point and a long bone pin.
Second trip- a few more teeth.

2002 January: Peace River dive last Sunday- found all this in midst of a Tamp Bay Fossil/dive club Invasion!
they had no idea I was picking up all this stuff just 200 feet away from them...he he

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