Karl & Jenna's Museum 2010
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071010: Friends Arkansas points

051510: Field point

071110: Sand pit point, found two nice points and a knife

071110: Two nice points laying right out in the open

070410: River dive, about 40 big megs came out of the river

070410: ......almost...!!

070410: Jason's big Meg, #2

070410: River dive, first days dive......

062710: Kim and Jason's Mega dive


060410: River dive, some nice fossils and megs

052610: Caught a really big azz catfish, megs, fossils. Great day

052610: River run.

052010: Venice dive, murky water killed a good dive

051510: River run, just to check it out, see if its ready.

Just a barb showing of a full point

Wind blowing the sand away and leaving the artifacts......


Tiny Pinellas point

Nice red and white knife

Sliding down the sand bank

Jenna's missed this big one......

Point sticking out of the washout bank

Logan's broken Bolen



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