Karl & Jenna's Museum 2014
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Very poor year for diving, the water never did clear up very good, and then it would rain again, and again, and again.

June 10th: Last river recon, lasted 2 hours- river rising and totally trashed from storms.
Found one Meg and one only- at least I didn't get skunked!

June 6th: rerun to same spot for a hour, its was basically done, just a few more megs but some great osteoderms.

June 5th: Fossil run in afternoon. took a fossil friend, found great spot with all this, 5 feet x 3 feet.

June 4th: River Recon north of arcadia. Awesome day, found a bit of everything. 5 Mammoth teeth, Mastodon jaw, whale tooth.
tusk, megs, horse teeth, bison and someone's cell phone. Last year this spot was like 10 feet x 6 feet, now its 300 feet long.


May 29th: Fossil run north, lots of good stuff-Mammoth tooth, whale tooth, Megs, deer jaw with teeth.

May 14th: Oh yeah, 4 day camping trip!!!!....Didn't happen, rain again, like six inches.

May 3rd 2014: Meg run to peace river, only had two hours. Found a patch of gravel 4 feet by 8 feet with all these.


April 23rd: River run north, found a limey shoal with lots of gravel. Nice whale tooth, part of mastodon tooth and a 3.5 inch meg.

April 14th: River recon on Peace river, found 6th mammoth tooth in same spot as last June and 6th vertebrae in another spot.

April 14th: This Mammoth tooth is the other half of one I found last year, and an awesome turd!!!
so perfect I thought it was fresh!......until I picked it up.



Finished SOLID Oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com
You can no longer remove artifacts from Florida rivers.
But you can remove fossils with a fossil permit from the state.

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