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Years and years of Fossil and Artifact hunting, and the Expeditions of the Bone Collector.

2016 April 17th: 1st day out, found Mammoth tusk, 9 feet total, and lots of underwater pics and vids.

June 5th: End of season 2015 in the peace river.
Spartacus ready to go                   Old spot big haul                    Underwater teeth               Largest piece of quarts ever              Mammoth Tusk
River recon north                     Bone Collecting                     Creek recon                         Mammoth site                      River recon again
Peace river recon              Peace river shoal                 Awesome mammoth tooth                 Arcadia recon                     North recon     
Santa Fe 2 piece Atlatle weight     River cleanup Coral Citrus       Peace River Spear point          Suwannee 2 piece gorget        Killer Suwannee             

You can no longer remove artifacts from Florida rivers.
But you can remove fossils with a fossil permit from the state.



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